BioModels Database is a repository of computational models of biological processes. Models described from literature are manually curated and enriched with cross-references. All models are provided in the Public Domain. More information about BioModels Database can be found in the FAQ.

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June, 2016 preview image of the June 2016 Model of the Month

A systems model by Nayak et al., (2015) that describes the effect of modulating various components on blood coagulation network, and how variability in concentrations of the proteins in this network impact the response to FVIIa treatment is presented here.

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1 July 2016 New Models in BioModels

BioModels now provides 1516 literature-based models.

Live now - an interactive map of molecular processes described by mechanistic models of neurodegenerative diseases.

10 May 2016 30th BioModels Release

We are extremely happy to announce the 30th release of BioModels, which now provides access to 1483 literature-based models and 143,070 models automatically generated from pathway resources, with additional and updated features.

04 May 2016 BBSCR BBR Grant

The proposal we submitted to BBSRC (BBR fund) for the development of BioModels towards multi-scale modelling succeeded. It is a joint proposal between EMBL-EBI and Babraham Institute.