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BioModels Database serves as a reliable repository of computational models of biological processes. It hosts models described in peer-reviewed scientific literature and models generated automatically from pathway resources (Path2Models). A large number of models collected from literature are manually curated and semantically enriched with cross-references from external data resources. The resource allows scientific community to store, search and retrieve mathematical models of their interest. In addition, features such as generation of sub-models, online simulation, conversion of models into different representational formats, and programmatic access via web services, are provided.

All models are provided under the terms of the Creative Commons CC0 Public Domain Dedication, cf. our terms of use. This means that the models are available freely for use, modification and distribution, to all users. More information about BioModels Database can be found in the frequently asked questions (FAQ).

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March, 2014 preview image of the March 2014 Model of the Month
Tumour growth inhibition model that predict tumour size evolution in LGG (low-grade gliomas) patients treated with chemotheraphy or radiotheraphy, is described here.

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11 April 2014 27th release
With the 27th release of BioModels Database, the resource now provides a total of 144,253 models, of which more than 500 are manually curated. Additionally, we now have a new logo. We hope you will like it, and encourage you to use it!

4 November 2013 Movember 26th release
We are proud to announce the 'Movember' 26th release of BioModels Database, which marks a new landmark: the distribution of over 1000 models published in the literature!

8 October 2013 SPARQL endpoint available
The EBI launched a RDF platform. This provides access to various bioinformatics resources (including BioModels Database) using Semantic Web technologies (SPARQL endpoints and RDF dumps are available). Read more about this news.