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Bruce Shapiro: Corrected 29 March 2005

Nicolas Le Novère: Added Dbt and Cyc species, and the corresponding reactions. 23 April 2005

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Related Publication
  • Robust oscillations within the interlocked feedback model of Drosophila circadian rhythm.
  • Ueda HR, Hagiwara M, Kitano H
  • Journal of theoretical biology , 6/ 2001 , Volume 210 , pages: 401-406
  • ERATO Kitano Symbiotic Systems Group, Suite 6A, M31, 6-31-15 Jinguumae, Shibuya, Tokyo, 150-0001, Japan. hiro@m.u-tokyo.ac.jp
  • A mechanism for generating circadian rhythms has been of major interest in recent years. After the discovery of per and tim, a model with a simple feedback loop involving per and tim has been proposed. However, it is recognized that the simple feedback model cannot account for phenotypes generated by various mutants. A recent report by Glossop, Lyons & Hardin [Science286, 766 (1999)] on Drosophila suggests involvement of another feedback loop by dClk that is interlocked with per-tim feedback loop. In order to examine whether interlocked feedback loops can be a basic mechanism for circadian rhythms, a mathematical model was created and examined. Through extensive simulation and mathematical analysis, it was revealed that the interlocked feedback model accounts for the observations that are not explained by the simple feedback model. Moreover, the interlocked feedback model has robust properties in oscillations.
Nicolas Le Novère

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BioModels Database MODEL6617909980
BioModels Database BIOMD0000000022
PubMed 11403560
PubMed 10531060
KEGG Pathway dme04710
Gene Ontology regulation of circadian rhythm
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  • Model originally submitted by : Nicolas Le Novère
  • Submitted: Sep 13, 2005 2:25:30 PM
  • Last Modified: Feb 25, 2015 12:55:44 PM
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    • Submitted on: Sep 13, 2005 2:25:30 PM
    • Submitted by: Nicolas Le Novère
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